India Beckons

India Beckons

By: Mitchell Petit-Frere

‘Ello everyone.

Tomorrow’s the day! I’m embarking on a trip to India with a group of fellow International Communication graduate students from St. John’s University.

The reason for the trip is to attend a Graduate Symposium on Sustainable Development in Goa, hosted by our program director, Dr. Basilio Monteiro. However, Goa won’t be our only stop in India. We’ll also take time to explore Delhi, Agra and Jaipur (ie: the Golden Triangle).

I have no idea what to expect, but I’ll do my best to keep you in the loop via this blog with pictures, videos and as much writing as I can muster up. 

Even better, I won’t be the only contributor. Various students in our group will supply content throughout the trip. With that said, enjoy what we post and feel free to comment! We couldn’t be more excited for this journey and to share as much of it with you as possible.

Here’s a basic outline of our itinerary:

January 2: Departure from the United States
January 4: Arrival in India (!!!)
January 4-8: Stay in Northern India + Exploration of the Golden Triangle
January 8-16: Stay in Goa
January 9-10: SJU Graduate Symposium on Sustainable Development
January 17: Departure from India

p.s. Shoutout to Oscar for the phenomenal [and #punny] blog name.