Agra Awakens

Agra awakens for another day, and sleepy eyes begin to emerge from shelters. I’m catching glimpses from inside some of the windowless houses. Sleep continues there, even as the streets begin to stir – women and children coddled by bright floral spreads and silk linens, atop wooden bench-beds.

In the road, dogs and cows weave about the traffic. Some keep warm with the humans by the scattered fires – lit on the side of the road for warmth as the gathering, standing, and waiting begins. The waiting for rides, from tut-tuts, busses, or carts. Piling in for transport to job sites.

A moderate layer of smog covers all. It has a peculiar way of making the rising sun glow with greater strength – a bright orange sphere amongst all the morning grey. Agra awakens – begins preparing for the day. I am just a wide-eyed observer, hidden within our van, eager to see and learn more.


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